Welcome to Open World Atlanta!

This collaborative project draws from a number of related initiatives to create a clearinghouse for research materials and visualizations about the city of Atlanta.

Currently, the project includes about 38,000 buildings that were located in Atlanta in 1928, organized into the 1920s wards. You can browse maps of those wards and the buildings they contain.

You can also browse or search the buildings themselves. Roughly 1500 buildings are identified, but most are not.

Finally, you can submit research notes or images of buildings and spaces to contribute to the project.


Component Projects

Atlanta Explorer - Emory University

The Atlanta Explorer project involves building geospatial databases, geocoding tools, and eventually an interactive virtual city for post Civil War Atlanta to 1940. The video below describes the project's first stage.

3D Atlanta - Georgia State University

The 3D Atlanta project uses GSU’s rich collection of historic photographs and 3D scans of surviving buildings, to recreate 1928 Atlanta at scale in a virtual environment. The resulting experience is an interactive game, accessed via Oculus Rifts, which will eventually provide an immersive, full scale model of Atlanta’s history.

The videos below describe the project development and demonstate the 3D environment of 1928 Atlanta, including the Chronolens for comparing 1928 to present-day, and digital artifacts from Atlanta's past.